Artificial Intelligence, Real Inequality?

Why This Debate and Why Now?

Robots and artificial intelligence aren’t just rising — they’re here, reshaping our digital landscape. AI is revolutionizing highways, hospitals and homes, and the rewards are promising. But at what cost? And who’s left out? From data breaches to identity theft, job loss and widening wealth inequality, AI is challenging top programmers and policymakers to search for safeguards. But AI also leads to curing diseases, saving more lives and improving climate science. Will AI help or harm humans overall? Is the revolution manageable, and could we pull the brakes if we tried?

In Season 1 we'll look at these vital topics:

Season 1

Season 1 of Doha Debates will tackle urgent global issues like the refugee crisis, the rise of robots and artificial intelligence, gender inequality, water shortage and the possible end of capitalism. Join our moderator Ghida Fakhry, who has spent over two decades covering global conflict, for a series of conversations that will inspire you to change the world.