#DearWorldLive: Mental Health in the Time of COVID

May 12, 2020

Global lockdowns and social distancing are profoundly impacting mental health. In this episode of #DearWorldLive, we take a look at how the pandemic is taking both a physical and emotional toll on society. We’ll talk to mental health experts about ways to cope and what this means for people who have pre-existing mental health issues. 

#DearWorldLive is a new online discussion show from Doha Debates, hosted by Doha Debates’ correspondent and Course Correction host Nelufar Hedayat. Each weekly episode focuses on a different aspect of the coronavirus and its impact on our lives and our world.

How to Participate:

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Our Participants

Dr. Kamran Ahmed

Dr. Kamran Ahmed is a psychiatrist, writer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Kamran specializes in treating mental illnesses in adults including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He also has experience in other specialities including addictions, child psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. Kamran regularly writes for newspapers on mental health, including The Guardian and The Sydney Morning Herald. He has published research on various topics in scientific journals, particularly in the field of transcultural psychiatry examining the relationship between culture and mental health. Kamran’s interest in the creative arts led to him making films on mental health and starting a medical film festival that is now in its 10th year, with annual events around the world. Through his music startup Rave Reviewz, he also launched the Music on My Mind initiative to raise funds and awareness for mental health in the music industry.

Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve

Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve is an economics professor at the University of Oxford and the director of the Wellbeing Research Centre. His research on the study of human wellbeing has led to new insights into the relationship between wellbeing, income, productivity and inequality. His research was selected among “The Management Ideas That Mattered Most” by Harvard Business Review, and he was awarded the Ruut Veenhoven Award for his contributions to the scientific study of happiness. He is an editor of the World Happiness Report and chairs its workplace wellbeing committee.

Suleika Jaouad

Suleika Jaouad is an Emmy Award-winning writer, speaker, cancer survivor and the creator of The Isolation Journals, a global movement cultivating community and creativity during hard times. She wrote the acclaimed New York Times column “Life, Interrupted” and is the subject of the accompanying video series, which chronicled her journey with leukemia throughout her 20s. She has written reported features, essays and commentary for New York Times Magazine, Vogue, NPR and Glamour, among other publications. Her debut memoir, Between Two Kingdoms, is forthcoming from Random House.


Nelufar Hedayat

Award–winning journalist and documentary maker