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Terkpertey Andrews Terku
Doha Debates Ambassador 2023

Terkpertey Andrews Terku is a writer, public speaker, debater, administrative leader and biologist. In 2019, he served as president of the Biological Sciences Students Association at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. In 2020, he led the debate society to its third consecutive win at the Pan-African Universities Debating Championship, a first for any debate society in Africa. He trains young people across Africa in debating, critical thinking and public speaking to help them gain self-confidence. He is the first West African and Ghanaian to reach the semifinals at the World Universities Debating Championship. Terkpertey aspires to be an influential speaker on issues of public concern, and hopes to explore the world of finance and tech. He is a member of the third cohort of the Doha Debates Ambassador Program.