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Rohingya Media Fellows

Through powerful photos and thoughtful commentary, three young Rohingya refugees give us an inside look at what life is like inside the largest refugee camp in the world.

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About the project

Doha Debates teamed up with human rights organization Fortify Rights to train three young Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh on the basics of photography and Instagram. These media fellows — Azimul Hasson, Dil Kayas and Omal Khair — were equipped with mobile phones and they’re now documenting their lives inside Cox’s Bazar, the largest refugee camp in the world. The project won the Shorty Social Good Award in the Immigration & Refugees category in November 2020.

Meet our fellows and follow their journey.

Watch Exodus

This documentary follows Omal Khair, Azimul Hasson and Dil Kayas as they learn to see their lives through a new lens — and offers the world a rare glimpse into what life is like for young Rohingya refugees.