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What does it mean to be part of our audience? First and foremost, you get to watch and be part of the show. If you’re joining one of our main debates, you’ll have a crucial role as part of the voting panel: You, along with the other members of the virtual audience, will decide which argument you found most convincing.

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We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you all as members of our virtual audience and voting panel at our virtual debate on September 20. Before becoming a virtual audience member, we ask that you attend at least one of the following short talks, which are followed by Q&As with professors who will help you understand the topic and start thinking about themes and questions that you could ask during the debate.


Innovating global cooperation: Reflections for the post-COVID-19 era

Dr Evren Tok
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the MA program in Islam and Global Affairs at the College of Islamic Studies

Monday, September 14, 2020

7 a.m. San Francisco  / 10 a.m. New York / 3 p.m. London  / 4 p.m. Johannesburg  / 5 p.m. Doha  / 7:30 p.m. Mumbai / 11 p.m. Tokyo  / 11 p.m. Seoul


The impact of disinformation and COVID-19: The challenges for global governance

Dr. Marc Owen Jones Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Middle East Studies and Digital Humanities, HBKU

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

7 a.m. San Francisco  / 10 a.m. New York  / 3 p.m. London  / 4 p.m. Johannesburg  / 5 p.m. Doha  / 7:30 p.m. Mumbai  / 11 p.m. Tokyo  / 11 p.m.  Seoul