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Doha Portal

In partnership with Shared_Studios, our Doha Portal brings people together from across the globe to engage in conversation.

Global connections

Doha Debates brings together diverse perspectives for vibrant dialogue on urgent issues. In partnership with Shared_Studios, our Doha Portal provides a curated space to learn, question and connect.

Connecting people around the globe isn’t just about computers or phones. Shared_Studios’ Portals use physical spaces—like shipping containers, school buses and even inflatable rooms—coupled with technology to make people feel like they’re sharing the same space with somebody elsewhere in the world.

The Doha Portal is a space for productive dialogue using the Majlis style of debate, which welcomes diverse worldviews and open discussion. Majlis-style debates illuminate points of agreement and common interests, rather than amplifying differences. The Portal uses these facilitated, Majlis-style conversations to connect people around the world, guiding participants to find new ideas and innovative solutions to complex issues that affect us all.


Learn more about the debates being hosted at Multaqa, in Education City, Doha, on August 28 and 30, 2023.

Fashion vs. Environment: Do we have to pick?

Has China peaked?



“The Doha Debates Portal has been an eye-opening experience for me both as a Lithuanian and an aspiring journalism student. To be instantly connected in real-time with someone across the world for a discussion is fascinating. I was able to ask questions that are vital for me, directly hear genuine opinions and responses and challenge my perception of global issues for the better.”

Beatrice Zemelyte
Journalism Student | Northwestern University in Qatar


“In the portal, we connected to Gaza City. The topic that we decided to touch on is sport, and how sport can bring people together. But the issues coming out there were really interesting because sport was linked to gender equality.”

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
Former President of Mauritius


“Via the portal, I had the chance to connect with people in Erbil in Iraq, discover what life is like in Iraq and learn more in depth about their culture and food. It was a nice experience engaging in the Portal!”

Primary School Student | Qatar Academy Wakra School


“I enjoyed talking to people in the United States via the Portal. It was really interesting to know how is it like there, especially with racial discrimination. [We also talked] about capitalism and changes that can help us adapt to social responsibilities in different societies.”

Mechanical Engineering Student | Texas A&M University in Qatar

Portals around the world

Mexico City, Mexico

Gaza City, Occupied Palestinian territories

Erbil, Iraq

Cox’s Bazaar refugee settlement, Bangladesh

Washington, DC, USA

Brooklyn, New York City, USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Nakivale, Uganda

Sunnyvale, California, USA

How to participate

Stay up to date on upcoming Portal connections by following the @DohaPortal Instagram account, and follow the conversation on social media using the hashtags #DearWorld and #DohaPortal.