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The Negotiators

A podcast about people working to resolve some of the world’s toughest conflicts.

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The Negotiators

Conflicts don’t just get resolved on their own. Most are settled through a grueling process of give and take, usually behind closed doors. On our new podcast, The Negotiators, Foreign Policy is teaming up with Doha Debates to put listeners in the room. Hosted by FP deputy editor Jenn Williams, each episode will feature one mediator, diplomat or troubleshooter, describing one dramatic negotiation. You’ll hear about a nuclear standoff, a hostage crisis, a gang mediation and much more: successes and failures that shaped people’s lives.

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Season 1

Episode 2

Negotiating a peace deal is hard, implementing it is harder

On today’s show, we’ll hear from Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, the first woman ever to lead a negotiation with an armed rebel group — the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. One thing that made her effective at negotiating with the rebels? She herself was an anti-government activist during the Marcos era.

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Episode 1

Inside the Paris Climate Agreement

On today’s show, we’ll hear from Tom Rivett-Carnac. He was the senior adviser to Christiana Figueres, who led the United Nations’ talks toward the Paris Climate Agreement. Rivett-Carnac shares many stories, including the typo that almost tripped up the whole deal, as well as the power of Buddhism, island nations and editing.

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