Doha Debates– Don't settle for a Divided World


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The Negotiators

A nuclear arms deal with Russia. Reparations for Indigenous communities in Canada. A hostage release negotiated by the hostage himself.

The Negotiators podcast is back on September 27 with all new stories from people resolving some of the world’s most dramatic conflicts. Hosted by Jenn Williams, The Negotiators is a production of Doha Debates and Foreign Policy.


Course Correction

The UN estimates that there are 84 million forcibly displaced people around the world, and nearly 27 million of those are considered refugees. These numbers are the highest they have ever been. On season three of Course Correction, we’re partnering with UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, to illuminate all aspects of the refugee experience from the moment they leave their homes to their eventual resettlement or return. Host Nelufar Hedayat brings her personal perspective to the series, having fled the conflict in Afghanistan with her family in the late 1980s. She interviews fellow refugees as well as those providing refugee aid and advocacy. Production assistance on this season is provided by Foreign Policy.

The Long Game

On The Long Game, we highlight stories of courage and conviction on and off the field. From athletes who are breaking barriers for women and girls to a Syrian refugee swimmer who overcame the odds to compete at the Paralympics, The Long Game examines the power of sport to change the world for the better.

The Long Game, a co-production with Foreign Policy, is hosted by Olympic medalist and change agent Ibtihaj Muhammad as she guides the series around the globe to meet athletes who are fighting for change.