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A respectful, positive debate featuring two guest speakers with differing viewpoints.

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Doha Debates on Twitter Spaces

Doha Debates on Twitter Spaces brings together two guest speakers whose viewpoints differ on an important and challenging issue. In every episode, our moderator invites our guests to debate their positions in a respectful and positive way. The conversations feature current and past Doha Debates ambassadors, who ask questions of and engage with the speakers. There are no winners and losers in this debate; rather, it’s an opportunity to discuss different perspectives, increase understanding and foster constructive conversations.

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Join Doha Debates on Twitter Spaces as we bring together differing viewpoints on topics like wealth inequality, social media and mental health, genetic engineering and more. Follow @DohaDebates on Twitter or watch this space for upcoming dates and topics.

Listen to past episodes

Ethical AI: Are we getting it right? with Dex Hunter-Torricke and Blake Lemoine. Hosted by Nelufar Hedayat on September 14, 2022. Available until October 14, 2022.

Cancel culture: Citizen justice or mob rule? with Julie Bindel and Kehinde Andrews. Hosted by Nelufar Hedayat on September 7, 2022. Available until October 7, 2022.