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Short Films

Our short films aim to tackle tough social issues and global problems by putting the spotlight on underrepresented stories. These productions are about raising the voices of the people directly affected by the world’s most pressing and complex issues –– climate change, inequality, globalization, discrimination, displacement. Take a deep dive into our film archive and explore these topics with our film guides and discussion activities.

3 lessons

01. Exodus

Exodus is a short documentary about three young Rohingya Muslims living in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh after being driven out of Myanmar. Armed with just their phones and photography skills, they are using the power of social media to raise awareness about their situation. Consider these essential questions while watching the film.

  1. What role can social media play to improve life for refugee communities around the world?
  2. How have the Rohingya been dispossessed of their identity?
  3. How can the art of photography influence global decision makers?
  4. Can refugees ever truly be in control of their own narrative?

Complete film guide and activities for educators: Exodus Film Guide

02. (Un)divided

This Doha Debates production tells the true story of Amina, an Iraqi-American refugee and Muslim, and Joseph Weidknecht, a Trump supporter who was afraid of Muslims in America — until he met Amina. The film captures the essence of how people at opposite ends of the political divide can actually find common ground and put that at the service of a better conversation. Consider these essential questions while watching the film.

  1. Is it possible in today’s polarized world for people from opposite extremes to have constructive, civilized conversations about their views on tough issues like politics, immigration, racism, etc.?
  2. What are the factors driving us apart and how can we better understand them, put them in context and find common ground in our common humanity?
  3. What are the communication skills needed to build better conversations with people we disagree with?

Complete film guide and activities for educators: (Un)divided Film Guide

03. Cherán: The Burning Hope


Cherán: The Burning Hope

Cherán: The Burning Hope documents how the Purépecha people of Cherán, Mexico, took back their city by exercising their right to self-determination as an indigenous people. Consider these essential questions while watching the film.

  1. What is the right to self-determination and how is it related to citizen action in situations where people feel powerless?
  2. What can we learn by examining seemingly unrelated situations of power imbalance in different parts of the world, such as indigenous communities in Latin America or urban blight in U.S. cities?
  3. In what ways is personal autonomy related to collective self-determination?
  4. What are some tools of filmmaking that can give us a new perspective  to see local problems in global terms?

Complete film guide and activities for educators: Cherán Film Guide


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Short Films